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Structured Cabling Installations

Installing Structured Cabling, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a copper cabling for our clients, multicore backbones, fibre links between cabinets and services or to end users. A phone call or onsite meeting can determine what solution best suites your needs.

Cat6 often suites a majority of customer needs, especially if you plan to stay in your premises for a reasonable amount of time.

Most of our cabling supplied is covered in a low smoke sheath to meet building standards.

A majority of customers specify a high speed cable for all services. This is great if all users connected to the network have access to a high speed switch connection with enough bandwidth to support all users to be able to maximize the use.

Cat 5e

Can support voice and data connections of up to 10000 Mbps (1 Giga bit), although not certified for this use, speeds near a Gigabit can often be achieved on quality installations under 90 meters. Rated at a band width of 350 megahertz and able to support 10/100 Ethernet connections, possible up to a Gigabit connection but not certified.

A perfect choice for installations where not all components are Gigabit rated, i.e. you can have the best cabling but the weak/slow points would be by using inferior hardware etc. A more economical cable and sundries to supply and install to achieve acceptable results.

Cat 6

Designed to perform at a Gigabit and certified for that use. Some VOIP suppliers highly recommend this for a better quality phone service, important where data packets must be sent in order and not lost. A higher rate of 10 Gig over runs up to 55 meters and certified for 1 Gig up to 100 meters (90m of fixed cabling and 10m of patch cords) less cross talk and higher band width than Cat 5e.

Our engineers are capable of working on large projects, national roll outs, audits or moves and changes.


Our Fluke Testing service can verify all your cabling, we can re label and re patch, helping you maintain a high standard of infrastructure.


WiFi, AV and CCTV

Wi Fi installation, Office and Home AV installation and integration with media convertors offering a wide range of equipment and connection to be run over Cat6, HD CCTV over IP cameras and partners who specialise in door entry and access control


GPON Fibre

So is the the future fibre? Our partner installed GPON network are super fast, energy saving and extremley secure